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SFAFDB has implemented SFAS as one of the components of SHEP (2007-2014) financed by WB/IDA. The objective of SFAS was to provide financial assistance to poor meritorious students that meet their needs for pursuing Higher Secondary and Higher Education by using Proxy Means Testing(PMT) to identify needy students. A need of an independent review of SFAS accomplishment including the targeting and outreach of the program for further investment in this area was felt needy. Moreover, the findings could be used to improve decision-making in resource allocation, risk management and operational control to enhance policy-making, monitoring and evaluations. The first objective of the study was to assist SFAFDB to assess the targeting and outreach of the program, and status of students who received the scholarship an dthe second was to document the progress made by SFAFDB in selecting students using web based PMT method in selection of students and disbursement of scholarship into students’ account using E-banking. Here is the Independent Study Report of the Consultant..
Analysis of SHEP SFAS beneficiary students by different aspects
Student Financial Assistance Scheme (SFAS) beneficiaries were identified and selected on the basis of Proxy Means Testing (PMT) method-may be the most scientific method for poverty targeting for it has acceptable level of under coverage and leakage and it is the most suitable method for poverty targeting to the developing countries like Nepal. The analysis has been uploaded to get inputs/comments from the professionals and stakeholders involved in the field of poverty targeting and scholarship management.


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