From 2007 to 30 June 2014 Board has implemented World Bank/IDA funded Second Higher Education Project (SHEP); and on the basis of its technical expertise PMT consultancy service was also provided to the Enhanced Vocational Education and Training (EVENT) Project under Ministry of Education.

Second Higher Education Project (SHEP)

Project budget: SDR 41.6 M equivalent to US $60.0 M (WB/IDA grant)

Duration: 27 July 2007 - 14 January, 2014 (revised closing date was 30 June, 2014)

This was a grant support of  International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)/International Development Association (IDA) to the

Government of Nepal.

The First Higher Education Project (1997-2002) brought changes in the Higher Education Curriculum Structure, supported infrastructure development and academic/professional development, equipped the laboratories and faculties, provided basic orientations in line with the reform activities, and most importantly strengthened management reform process for decentralized and participatory system in Tribhuvan University. On the basis of the experiences and outcomes of project, a necessity was felt for a more comprehensive initiative to achieve better quality and relevance in higher education; instill a culture that assures and sustains better quality; ensure financial sustainability of higher education institutions; and to ensure equitable access of higher education to meritorious students from poor and disadvantaged section. The necessity was tried to address through the SHEP.

Major Objectives of SHEP: The Second Higher Education Project (SHEP) envisaged to ensure:

a)      To enhance quality, efficiency and relevance of higher education through a set of reforms, and incentives to select institutions; and

b)      To improve access for academic qualified students from disadvantaged groups in higher secondary and higher education.

Components of SHEP:

a)      Reform Grants

b)      Student Financial Assistance Scheme (SFAS)

c)       Higher Secondary Education

d)      Strengthening System Capacity


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