Student Financial Assistance Scheme

Major Objectives of Student Financial Assistance Scheme (SFAS)

a)      Establish pro-poor targeting (PMT based) method for scholarship distribution ; and

b)      Ensure that students from disadvantage groups had an opportunity to obtain higher secondary and higher education through financial assistances under SHEP.


SFAS Implementing Agency: SFAFDB

For smooth and efective implementation, coordination was done with DOE/DEOs/RCs/HSEB/OCE/NTC/UGC/Govt.-Community Schools, RBBL 148 branches in 64 districts and NBL in 11 branches districts.


Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Grant/Scholarship

 Any Nepali students from Govt./community schools studying in  grade 10 student were eligible to apply to get grants for their study in grade 11/12 and grade 12 students were eligible to apply to get grants for their study in bachelor level courses.  Out school youths' applications were also entertained for the scholarship provisions.


Targeting Method:Proxy Means Testing (PMT)

Data collection option: Self assessment (system of screening is also in place)

Selection Option: PMT Method based on NLSS 2003/04 (system of HH survey is in place).


Inclusive approach: Minimum share for girl students (at least 40% in HSE and 35% in HE).


Size of the Grants Provided

In the condition of academic continuation the beneficiaries got grants deposited directly to their individual bank accounts maintained in the assigned first class commercial banks nearby to them. The total size of grant amount provided during their level of study was NRs.16,000.00 for HSE (grade 11/12) and NRs.40,000.00 for HE (bachelor level).

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