Event PMT Administration

  PMT Expertise to Enhanced Vocational Education and Training (EVENT) Project


SFAFDB, as developing PMT specialized autonomous government institution, has provided its expertise to identify poor students for the Enhanced Vocational Education and Training (EVENT) project.


Objective of EVENT is to improve performance and accountability of the TEVT system through a shift of focus on outcomes, especially training and employment outcomes. The PDO of EVENT is to expand the supply of skilled and employable labour by increasing access to quality training program, and by strengthening in technical and vocational education and training system in Nepal. The Project is expected to improve the access of disadvantages youths to TECT programs.

Through board’s PMT system, priority and preference has been given to disadvantaged groups and females in the selection process through targeting them and other inclusive processes; special attention to regions lagging behind, poor youths, women, and youth belonging to Dalit, disadvantaged Janjatis, and other marginalized communities.


Through its system board provided welfare ranked scores of the eligible PMT applications under EVENT, component-II targeted to improve the access of poor in TEVT programs like: TSLC-15 months, TSLC-29 months and diploma level courses under CTEVT.

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